Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo review


Happy Friday, I hope you’re ready for the weekend! For now why not get your teeth into this Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo review.

I always like to make sure my hair is looking and feeling amazing. In the last couple of years I have really tried to avoid unnecessary damage to it by investing in some top quality hair care! For about 6 months I have been using the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo range on my hair and I thought i’d share some of my thoughts/results with you!!

As the name suggests, all the products in this range are made using coconut oil, which we all know is a little miracle and in this case provides essential moisture to dry/damaged hair. Before I go into detail about each of the products, I just want to say how divine everything in this range smells! I get so many compliments when out and the gorgeously coconutty scent lasts ages between washes!

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Review - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Elis

As you can see the packaging on this range is super girly and cute and I love the multicolored bar-code on each product which really made this product jump off the shelf at me.

Shampoo and Conditioner £5.99 Each – Perfect shampoo and conditioner combination. I love how these products nourish the hair but without making it overly soft and silky so it’s hard to style and work with.

Coconut Mask £6.99 – This is slightly different than any mask I’ve used before, the instructions say to use it in between shampooing and conditioning!!! I’ve never heard of a mask you use like this before. Apparently it’s because after shampooing the hair cuticles are open and this allows the mask to really work its magic – which it does. I try to use this once a week for a really deep condition!

Blow and Go Lotion £6.99 – This lotion I find I cannot get on with, after about 6 months I’ve still got at least 3/4 of the tube left. I don’t know if i’m using too much, but says that it’s supposed to help prolong a style. Because I don’t really blow my hair into a style I feel like it’s wasted one me! Maybe if I had lee here giving me a nice blow dry, I would actually be able to see what this product does!!

Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo Review2 - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Elis

Coconut Spritz £5.99 – This little bottle of spray is my favourite from the whole range. You can use it in so many ways! I spray it on to my towel dried hair and then blow dry and it keeps my hair so silky and smooth! You can also spritz some on during the day to refresh your hair, especially if me you’re in a muggy office! I love it so much!

Coconut Balm £6.99 – For me this is the most unique product in the range. It’s a balm that melts into an oil once you have it on your hands! It’s again very versatile and can be used on wet or dry hair. I prefer to use it on my wet hair because i’m yet to get a good result on dry, but I think this is because I always use too much. I think it would be good if you were off to a festival when you know you’re not going to be able to wash your hair for a few days, then you can top up on the freshness as many times as you need to!

I think my favourite thing about this range is how amazing my hair feels after using only this for around 6 months. I cannot wait to try this throughout the winter and see how my hair holds up in all the cold weather.

I love how versatile all of the products in the range are, I think that Lee has really thought about everyone when he came up with this range. I just adore the scent, it’s amazing to smell and a pleasure to use! I think next, i’d like to try the dry shampoo and the mousse that have been added to the range recently.

Check out the full range at Boots HERE

Have you tried the Lee Stafford CoCo LoCo range? What were your thoughts?


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Dear husband …

Yesterday was our third wedding anniversary, I can’t quite believe i’m here writing this post, i’m just smiling from ear to ear!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank my husband for everything!


2014-12-12 11.36.11

You hold our little family together so well, without you life would be boring! Thank you for always putting our needs first, for always being there when we need you but most of all for just being YOU!

2015-11-12 12.32.26

Thank you for your support, love and laughter. I know there are so many more amazing memories that our family will make together. I love you 🙂 xxx





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Outfit featuring New Look Curves!


Hello everyone! Hope you’re all having a good Monday! If you’re like me it means you’re back at work but I thought i’d show you my latest outfit featuring New Look Curves! I’m super impressed with myself lately because I’m trying out more and more casual looks and styles. I’m beginning to feel alot more comfortable dressing down so I wanted to share this outfit with you!

I adore the New Look Curves range, its quickly becoming my favourite high street Plus Size range, there really is something for every style and occassion!

Outfit featuring New Look Curves 4 - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis


My last fashion post was all about bodysuits and this one was featured! It’s fab and is a great addition to any outfit! I got this in the sale around a week ago.

I chose to wear it with my New Look Curves Denim skirt, which I’ve had a while. I love this skirt because it just goes with everything!

Outfit featuring New Look Curves 3 - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

My jacket is old from Primark, I loved the colour when I bought it, but I haven’t had that much of a chance to wear it. I love how it clashes slightly with the stripes, it makes it really stand out!

Outfit Featuring New Look Curves 6 - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis


My shoes are also from Primark, I think they are available in wide fit and the choker is a leather one from New Look!


Bodysuit Size 18 £7 New Look Curves

Denim Skirt Size 20 £19.99 New Look Curves

Jacket Size 20 £15 Primark (no longer available)

Shoes Size 5 £14 Primark

I hope that I can go on trying to be a bit more relaxed and casual with my outfits, I felt super comfortable in this!

What do you think of my latest outfit?



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Primark PS Beauty Review!


Happy Sunday! Hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! Today’s post is all about the beauty tools available in the Primark PS Beauty range!

I’ve never purchased anything like this from Primark, instead favoring my Real Techniques Sponges and Brushes, but times are hard and it can be a little expensive when you need a new blender at least every month! I recently lost my favorite eyebrow brush so while I was in Primark I thought why not give these a try!

Blenders - Primark Ps Beauty Review - The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

 PS PRO Double Ended Round Blender – £2.00

PS PRO Mini Blender x4 – £2.50

PS PRO Flat Edge Blender – £2

I have tried alot of blenders! I was extremely dissapointed with the Beauty Blender original, I thought it was way too spongy and I did not get the flawless coverage that I wanted. It also split after it’s first wash and at £16 I expected alot more! The Make Up Revolution blender I bought was ok but very hard and compressed in comparison to the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge that has become the one I use day to day.

All of the Blenders pictured are latex free and are firm but not too firm that they are hard to work with. You can dampen them well and they double in size once they are wet. They are very easy to clean (as i’m anal and do it after each use) and the colours do not run at all – unlike my Beauty Blender did!!

Mini Blender – I have always liked the idea of the micro blender for concealer as I sometimes struggle to blend with my usual sponge as well as I would like. These are awesome for getting into all the little creases around your nose and eyes as well as for patting your under-eye concealer, leaving it looking flawless!

Flat Edge Blender –The flat edge blender I use now to apply my foundation with. Its exactly the same shape and definitely rivals the Miracle Complexion Sponge but it’s a third of the price! I feel like my liquid foundation is applied evenly and it creates a smooth and flawless finish!

I am yet to use the double ended round blender, as I haven’t done a full cream contour and highlight, but if it’s as good as the others I know I will be impressed!

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Picks – Plus Size Bodysuits

Hi everyone! Today I’m back bringing you my favourite Plus Size Bodysuits.

I’ve chosen a few from a range of different plus size lines! I actually wanted to do this post a while ago but at the time there wasn’t much to offer in the way of Plus Size Bodysuits. There was plenty of plain colours and basic styles but no enough to show what an amazing wardrobe staple the bodysuit is! I’m so glad that now we’re seeing a much more awesome range of styles and colours for all us plus size babes! Plus it means I can finally do this post – yayyy!

I myself own a few bodysuits, I love how versatile they are and I wear them both day to day and when I’m on an evening out. Whether you’re dressing up or down, I’m sure there is a bodysuit for you below. Check out my picks!

Plus Size Bodysuits- Casual The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis

1. Boohoo Plus Matilda Ribbed Plunge Bodysuit – £10
2.Simply Be Striped Textured Body – £22
3. Primark Ripped Zip Front Body – £6 (not plus size but the size 20 is generous)
4. Simply Be Ruffle Off Shoulder Bodysuit – £18
5. River Island Plus Striped Bodysuit – £18
Plus Size Bodysuits - Dress Up2- The Plus Size of Life - Emma Ellis
1. Pink Clove Mesh Insert Bodysuit –  £14 ASOS
2. New Look Curves Cowl Neck Body – £10 (in sale)
3. Forever 21 Plus Flounce Bodysuit – £16
4. Boohoo Plus Lara Long Sleeved Bodysuit – £16
5. Simply Be Wrap Front Bodysuit – £22

I just love them! I myself will definitely be investing in a few of my pics! What do you think to my picks? Any I’ve missed that you think should have been included?


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Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon Review!


Hi everyone, I’m back on this lovely Monday bringing you this Power Plump Lip crayon review!

Everyone always has something they would change about their appearance and even though I am pretty satisfied with how I look, I have always wanted fuller lips. My top lip is so thin, I have to overdraw my liner to achieve the look that I want most days. I don’t want to resort to having fillers so I am always on the hunt for something that will help me to achieve fuller lips without going to extremes!

Duwop Lip Venom has always been my go to plumping product, but I struggle to find it anywhere in the UK these days. Another downside to the Lip Venom is that it seems that you can only get the gloss here, which is no use when I want a Matte lip!

I was out shopping and I saw this product and I knew instantly I had to give it a try! The packaging is simple and sophisticated in true Sleek style, and it looks professional. I chose  the shade “Power Pink” but it is available in 6 different colours, ranging from nude to bolds.

The Plus Size of Life - Sleek Power Plump Lip Crayon

Sleek MakeUp Power Plump Lip Crayon £5.50 –  Sleekmakeup.com

I was so excited to try it, which I did as soon as I got home. It’s a light and creamy formula that gives a satin finish on the lips. First impressions of the colour were good, although it was a bit brighter than I expected. I did not feel anything upon first applying it, slowly but surely I began to feel a tingling sensation. After about 5 minutes, my lips were definitely more defined and full. The change is not overly drastic but I could see a difference.

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Anxiety and Me!


**Guys, before you read this you should know this post focuses on Mental health which may be distressing/a trigger for some to read. I don’t want to upset any of you so if you think this post might affect you in some way please don’t read on. If you can relate to what I am saying and feel like you need someone to talk to, reach out to someone close to you or contact an agency such as The Samaritans who are there to give support and advice**

I’ve been wanting to write this post for a long time, in fact this is possibly about the eighth time I have written it! so here it is – Anxiety and Me!

For as long as I can remember I have suffered with anxiety. My earliest memories are from secondary school, I was a performer, I loved to sing in shows and productions. Music was all I wanted to do with my life at this young age, but it wasn’t where my anxiety showed. It manifested itself in other things such as walking down the corridor alone or sitting and eating my lunch. I would get hot and sweaty if I had no one to walk with or just thinking about the possibility that someone I was friends with wasn’t in my next class with me. This often resulted in me sitting in a toilet cubicle to try and calm down. I tried to tell people – but I was just dismissed I was a performer right? there was no way that I could suffer from this sort of feeling and be confident enough to perform in front of hundreds of people. I couldn’t control my feelings of anxiety and I started to self harm at a young age as a way to cope.

Throughout my late teens and my time at University, I didn’t really make many life long friends, I flitted from group to group trying to fit in. I used to pretend to be someone I wasn’t just to try to get rid of everything I was feeling. I’d lie about things just to make myself seem better and stop the anxious voice in my head that said “YOU’RE NOT GOOD ENOUGH” It was a shit thing to do because I ended up being a horrible person to some people, I have so many regrets, things I did that I cannot change now but I think acknowledging my mistakes and facing them has helped me tremendously.

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New Look Curves Wishlist!

I have been absolutely loving New Look lately! I am so happy that they have re-branded their Plus size range and changed the name to New Look Curves! Although Im not really in a position to be adding to my wardrobe at the moment, I can still swoon over my favourite pieces from afar! So here is is, my New Look Curves Wishlist!

New Look Curves Wishlist Swing Dress The Plus Size of Life

Ribbed Swing Dress – £19.99 

This cute, ribbed swing dress is the perfect addition to any summer wardrobe! I’d style this out with frilly socks and trainers for a casual feel. I love the colour and it also comes in blue!

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Vichy Normaderm – Skincare Review!

Hi guys! Hope you’re good, I’m back today with a Review of Vichy Normaderm!

I don’t normally do premium skincare, but over the last sort of 8 months to a year I developed hormonal acne around my jawline. It became increasingly worse as the months went on, it would clear up and then flare up again just before my period twice as bad as it had before!

If you’ve ever suffered from any form of acne, you know how distressing it can be. Seeing it become increasingly worse and getting more painful made me so upset. I have never suffered with acne before, I mean I’ve had the odd spot here and there but this was sore, painful and whatever I did I just could not get rid of it!

I decided that I had to find something that could help. I haven’t changed my skincare routine for a while, so I went on the hunt for something to help clear this up once and for all. Whilst researching, I came across the Normaderm range from Vichy!

A lot of people were loving this range online so I decided to try two products myself!

Vichy Normaderm HYALUSPOT £10.50 – Boots

This little tube of gel is amazing, I use it in so many different ways! It is enriched with Hyaluronic acid and creates an invisible protective film on the skin. I have tried it on its own and under/over my make up and it still works just as well. The packaging is lovely, and it has a lovely metal applicator which soothes the skin as you’re applying the product.

Vichy Normaderm Review The Plus Size of Life Hyaluspot

What I love the most about this is that it’s a lovely thick product that spreads beautifully and you cannot see it on the skin, it’s clear in colour and dries fairly quickly without becoming too tacky.

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Take me back to Thailand!

It’s been almost two years since my husband and I went to Thailand for our friends wedding! I loved it so much, I want to go back!

I thought I’d share with you a little snippet of our holiday and some of the reasons I want to go back so much!

We went for 2 weeks at the start of December 2014. As soon as we got out of the airport at Phuket, the warmth hit you. We stayed at the Airport hotel for one night and accidentally slept in which meant we missed our coach to the port for the ferry to Koh Samui! We had to get a taxi to the ferry port instead which took us an hour and cost us about 5000THB!

Thailand - 1 - The Plus Size of Life

Thailand - 2 - The Plus Size of Life

Koh Samui!

We stayed here for 4 nights of our trip in a small resort in Mae Nam on the beach, close enough to Chewang so there was plenty of chance to go exploring! The night life here was vibrant plenty of things to do and see. We explored the area most evenings, finding somewhere different each time to sit down and have a drink and something to eat. On our final evening we found an Ice Bar, which was a welcome treat from the heat!

Thailand - 3 - The Plus Size of Life Thailand - 4 - The Plus Size of Life Thailand - 5 - The Plus Size of Life Thailand - 6 - The Plus Size of Life

We could see Koh Phangan from the beach at our hotel, knowing we were going there next, the weather did not look too great!!

Koh Phangan!

We wanted to go to Koh Phangan because its the home of the Full Moon Party! We booked a room at the opposite side of the island to Haad Rin at Ao Thong Nai Pan Yai beach for a few days relaxing before we hit the Full Moon Party.

Although it was really cloudy here, it was still so warm. We spent all our time relaxing and reading on the beach.

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